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While I consider myself quite American, the first thing new acquaintances ask is, “Where are you from?” This sometimes takes me by surprise because I don’t hear any accent. Except of course, after a trip home to my family in Australia where I sit around drinking copious cups of tea and talking to my mother, my three sisters and three brothers, and their extended families. Then I arrive back in California speaking pure Australian.

I’ve lived in the United States for over thirty years. I came here as a young Registered Nurse having done my schooling, nursing degree and post-graduate diploma in ICU nursing in New South Wales. My intention was to stay for one or two years. I’ve lived in several states in the U.S. and had numerous adventures along the way. More about being from Australia and living here can be read in my article A Foot In Two Places on my articles page. My home for the past twenty-five years has been in California. My American family consists of two adult children and one 100lb Akita dog. I recently moved to the California desert city of La Quinta, east of Palm Springs, and am glad to be out of the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. I still maintain fairly close ties with the city though, my children live there, my romance writer’s group, Los Angeles Romance Authors, is situated there, and I visit at least twice a month. This year I became President of LARA and that keeps me active within the group.

My life is one of simple pleasures, writing, daydreaming, and making up stories as I walk my dog around the private lake in the development where I live. There is nothing more beautiful to me than mountains and lakes. I can spend hours watching the ducks on the lake, or the way the long desert shadows change the colors in the mountains. I enjoy travel, reading, cooking, friends, simple dinners, a glass of wine, a board game, and heaven forbid … karaoke! Now if you’ve ever heard me sing ….

Friends tell me I keep reinventing myself. My family calls me the one with “twenty-nine careers.” I’ve done a bit of everything in life, Intensive Care Nurse, Airline Stewardess, Travel Agent, Health Nurse, Fundraiser, Planned Giving Officer and numerous other short-term positions. I’ve also traveled extensively. My experiences flavor my books and I often choose a setting that has captured my senses through travel. I recently began writing contemporary single titles with a paranormal thread. I call them paranormal cozies and they deal with psychics, witches, and ghosts but in modern settings. I thoroughly enjoy doing the research. I’m presently working on a story that deals with near death experiences but with a twist. There always has to be a twist.

I now have a team of Beta readers called The Roadrunners. They are three women who live here in the desert, Gail, Gayle, and Laura. Two are businesswomen with management backgrounds, the other is an ex-English teacher, and all are avid readers. They will do straight reads of the entire manuscript and give me feedback on the overall tone of the work, storyline, plot, where I've goofed up and lost a thread, if they liked or disliked the hero or heroine, and generally tell me if the story worked for them and, if not, why not.

I have a well-established critique group, The Four Fabulous Fictionists, Lynne, Gina and Trish (and yours truly) and they do everything to keep me and my writing honest and are good friends.

Thanks for stopping by, got to run, I just had a brilliant idea for another story.

Best regards,