Horoscope: Zodiac Signs Who Are Hard To Live With

Socializing and making friends with people who are so different from us is not difficult, but living under the same roof could bring to light some facets of the character that in other contexts you might never notice. What are the best signs of the zodiac we could live with based on our habits and lifestyle? Sign by sign, the Horoscope and the Stars guide us in choosing the right roommates.


You are a spontaneous and simple person, cheerful and nice, but living with you is not easy at all. In fact, as everyone knows, you get angry very easily and make many people uncomfortable who cannot understand that your reaction is fleeting and lasts a few minutes. One of the Signs best able to understand your moods is the Sign of Libra, which has the intelligence to be silent when it realizes that you have lost your temper. You are different, but there can be mutual respect.


You are quite a sedentary person and you like to spend most of your free time at home, lying on the sofa and in front of a good movie. You are patient and accommodating, you take care of household chores without complaining and without making it a burden to the people you live with. The important thing is to maintain a comfortable environment and you can certainly do it with the Sign of Cancer who not only shares the love for the house, but also considers it a real nest, a refuge where you can feel safe.


You are a chaotic person and it is not possible to frame yourself very easily because you alternate moments in which you make noise and listen to music at full volume to others in which you want to be silent in your bed and, in order not to hear the neighbors, you wear earplugs even in the early afternoon. To live with you you need a Sign that does not pay too much attention to order and is so taken by itself that it does not realize your quirks and whims: with Leo you can certainly find yourself well.


It is normal for you to live with your family and you like to create an atmosphere of sharing and collaboration at home. If you’re not planning on going to work or going out, you often wear pajamas for most of the day. Do your cleaning, cook and, if you live with your partner or friends, hear from your parents in the morning and evening. You adapt quite easily to the house rules you live in which is why it might be optimal for you to live with someone from Virgo.


Living with you is certainly not easy. You are a sunny, cheerful and lively person and your attitude can sometimes be irritating to people who wish to be silent or not be disturbed by you singing or talking loudly on the phone. You are not a particularly neat person, but you are generous and you do not like to do the math to divide the expenses of the bills. A Sign to live with serenely is certainly that of Sagittarius. Optimism at home will never fail.


You have the reputation of being an extremely fussy, punctual and tidy person. It doesn’t always happen, but surely there are areas of your life where you express these characteristics of yours. If you have habits, you tend to make people who live with you follow them as well. It takes someone with pseudo-manic tendencies to keep up with your domestic patterns. You may find a valid ally in the Sign of Scorpio, the only one able to understand why you have your underwear sorted by color.


You are a peaceful and diplomatic person, used to avoiding quarrels and maintaining harmony in the environment in which you live. You absolutely don’t like being alone, you often organize aperitifs or dinners at your home with your friends. You love long talk and you need to live with people who, like you, are social, talkative and bright. There are many signs with which you would get along for a coexistence, but one of the best is that of Gemini. You can even handle his moods.


You do not have the reputation of having a docile and peaceful character. You are a suspicious and wary person. When you wake up you need to be quiet and you would also prefer to be in the dark and not see anyone. You can’t stand being asked too many questions and sometimes you need to be on your own in a corner of the house where no one disturbs you. One of the few Signs that can handle all of this is the Pisces Sign, with whom you share a sensitive, affectionate and sweet nature.


You are a lively person. As soon as possible, plan a trip and always have your suitcase ready to embark on new adventures at the last minute. You like to take home special souvenirs and unusual foods, to cook and enjoy with your friends. At home you don’t often complain and you like to savor the pleasures of life without bothering anyone. One of the ideal Signs to live with could be that of Taurus, who, like you, knows how to respect the needs and habits of others.


You have a lot of rules and even in your daily routine there are some patterns that you think are essential to make every day efficient and productive. You could never live with a person who is unable to respect a domestic schedule, to be eventually established together to avoid misunderstandings and discontent. One of the Signs you might be incredibly comfortable with is that of Aries, as long as you agree with all the rules stipulated at the beginning of the cohabitation.


You are a person who knows no rules and no timetables. If you feel like having lunch when others are having a snack, there is nothing strange about it. You don’t like receiving orders and you have never accepted them even from your parents. It may happen that you decide to host a friend at 2 am or wake up at dawn to meditate in the living room. It is not easy to live with you and only a person of the same Sign, Aquarius, could survive all this.


For you, living together is a way to take care of the people you love. You easily get attached to anyone who shares the same roof as you and you always make yourself available in case of need, without expecting to receive the same attention. You love company, but you also get along well with lonely people, who together with you discover the pleasure of chatting in the evening. You seek in others the security that you do not have and that is why you could live peacefully even with a Capricorn.