How many more lives do you have to live according to your zodiac sign?

Along with the rune horoscope, WebHoroskop also presented some interesting information, this time about the number of lives you still have to live, depending on the sign in which you were born.

According to the famous astrologer, each of the signs has a certain number of lives that they will have to live, depending on the mistakes they will have to learn. The sooner these mistakes are understood and learned, the faster the transition to a higher spiritual plane will be for a native.

As you can imagine, Aries are the ones who will have to go through most of their lives, but there are interesting surprises in the case of other signs.

How many lives does each native of the horoscope have to live

Aries are the rebels of the zodiac, so they will choose with more lives to learn to control their impulsive impulses. They will have 15 reincarnations to learn to become calmer.

Taurus have work in their blood and focus a lot on professional responsibilities. For them, money dictates, so they have 3 lives at their disposal to learn to give importance to the beautiful aspects of life.

Geminis are the teenagers of the horoscope, being introverted and rebellious. They have to learn to mature, and their mission on earth is related to the attitude in the couple’s relationship, which is why they have 7 more lives at their disposal. They spend their lives traveling and consider that they have not been able to explore enough.

Cancers should learn to be stronger, and when they are no longer confused about what they want out of life, they will move to another level. Cancer natives have 9 more lives at their disposal.

Lions go through all stages of maturation. They easily learn many lessons, which is why they have 5 more lives to live, their goal being to understand what they need to change in their behavior.

Virgos are often possessive and slightly selfish, so they have 8 more lives to learn to give up the critical spirit and help others develop. They will move on to the next stage when they understand what they need to change about their character and how to manage material desires.

Libra tends to focus a lot on work, which is why they have 6 lives to understand that it is important to pay attention to their love side as well. When they no longer take refuge in work, they will move on to another stage.

Scorpios are the most spiritually prepared natives of the zodiac. Being the most evolved, they will have only 2 lives to reach the desired point. However, they still have little work to do on their impulsiveness, jealousy and possessive spirit.

Sagittarians need to be aware that it is important to strike a balance between their stability and the adventurous spirit. They must control their desire to explore and focus on the family, having 4 more lives at their disposal.

Although they are very conservative, Capricorns consider themselves more evolved than other people, and their lesson is to learn to be more modest. Because they are considered the center of the universe, they will be punished with another 11 reincarnations.

Aquarius did many good deeds over time, without expecting anything in return. Just a lifetime, exploring and knowing everything. For them, the Universe has other plans, which is why they have only one life left to reach the right hand of the Father.

Pisces have 13 lives to learn to be braver and to accept the message sent by the Universe. They cannot evolve if they do not have the courage and learn when to take risks.