Losing Weight in 2020 According to Your Zodiac

It has been found that the zodiac sign influences how a person reaches the desired weight when they lose weight. Of course, it is not possible to predict what kind of diet you will choose or what kind of sport you will practice, but some particularities will be present anyway. If you get to know them, you will know how to get rid of extra kilos in a shorter time and with less effort.

To get rid of the extra pounds, the Aries usually goes on hunger strike. If there are any products left in the fridge, they are dietary and low in calories. Those around you get an answer full of contempt and hatred, if they try to bring home, during the weakening of Aries, cakes or pies. “All or nothing” – this is the Aries motto. That’s why he starts going to the gym five times a week, running on the treadmill or lifting weights until he is exhausted.

The bull weakens slowly and calmly … If he sees at once even the most insignificant result. “The jeans ended, which I didn’t have two weeks ago? Perfect, we are still weak. In the morning, after training, did the scales show 100 grams less than yesterday? We continue the training. ” For Taurus it is important to see the result, then he will definitely have enough patience to lose the desired weight.

Twins weaken by different methods, often by one method in the first half of the day, and by another – in the second. It is incredibly difficult for them to choose a single diet, the changing nature of this sign forces them to continually look for new ways to lose weight. Twins do not have to blame themselves for the fact that after only a week they are tired of running and can no longer eat with the appetite of chicken breast. Switch to vegetables and bike, over a week – to a Japanese diet and swim, then something new will emerge. The more turns you will have on the way to supplements, the easier it will be for the Twins to follow.

Cancer, as a rule, does not weaken by itself, because it has a fantastic talent to adapt to those around it. Eventually, the whole family begins to eat only vegetables and lean meat, and sometimes even gets to participate in starvation treatments. After a week – two, Cancer does not have to worry about the presence in the fridge of dietary foods, because now everyone around is on the diet.

No, no, Leo is not weak. The lion retains its shape. The Pride does not allow him to admit that he is unhappy with his weight, which is why he will not talk and keep a secret diet, which will work in a mandatory manner. And then, full of self, Leo will share tips with others, answering questions about how he managed to lose weight so quickly.

The virgin keeps her diet with the utmost seriousness and thoughtfulness. Count the calories, calculate the grams with the kitchen scale, run through the shops, looking for products with the lowest fat percentage, up to one hundredth of a percent. He chooses his diet after long and careful searches, but he also holds on to it with strength, without making exceptions for holidays and without skipping fitness training. Consequently, it lasts until it reaches the desired weight, but manages to reach its goal.

Libra collects a lot of healthy foods with low calorie content, reads dozens of books on nutrition and tips for slimming as quickly as possible. She started practicing exotic types of fitness – from Tae Bo to yoga types, which have hard-to-pronounce names for an average person. After a month, he gets tired and just starts counting calories and running in the morning, or going 2-3 times a week to the gym. A paradox is that this is when it starts to lose weight quickly.

The scorpion imposes its maximum restraint and thus rapidly destroys its own disposition, as well as the disposition of those around it. He begins to constantly talk about how harmful the butter is to health, how many grams a man adds to a bun, why broccoli is better than cheese, and all this regardless of how much information his listeners need. Eventually, it takes everyone out of the jump. He does regular fitness, urging his friends to join him. Finally, it weakens on the “I really know what I do” principle, which does not allow it to deviate from the regime.

Sagittarius weakly involves the whole gang of friends. At the fitness club I go like a big chef, I have parties with dietetic glue and fruit-vegetables as a snack, announces a weekly marathon at any time of the year. For some reason, friends lose weight faster.

Capricorn trains. Then he trains a little. After that, he goes home with a quick step, on the longest road, to burn even more calories. Then he has to do some exercises at home, which he did not have time to do at the gym. All in all, he devotes to sports less than his free time. At the same time, he does not think too much about food, in a move he excludes from the fridge everything that is fatty, fried, sweet and contains flour. He weakens slowly, because he develops a lot of muscles, instead he looks exceptional.

Aquarius weakens to exhaustion, because it is constantly overloaded with a lot of tasks just so that it doesn’t have time to eat. Therefore, he eats twice a day – a little cheese in the morning, a cabbage salad in the evening. He can still drink a yogurt during the day. He often neglects sports training, instead he walks a lot and works hard, so he loses fast.

At first the fish do not lose weight, because they do not have to. Then, after being advised with something less than all friends, they start to choose their diet, which lasts a month – two. After the careful purchase of the products, the development of a training program, the search for a suitable fitness center, they finally begin to take care of their own person. I spend a lot of time comparing information and calculations, so they don’t have time to eat. Therefore, the kilograms melt every day that passes.