Astrology 2021 for Singles

With the beginning of a new year, 2021, we give way to endless new experiences and anecdotes, both good and bad. What do you have in the coming months?

Will 2021 be better than 2020 or will you have to go through the odd bump? As always, your life depends on you, you are in charge of writing the pages of your history and your future. But, as you well know, the stars can influence and help you build your path.

And yes, the stars have already spoken and have told us in detail your predictions month by month according to your zodiac sign in the fields of love, family and work.

What are you waiting to find out? The experts from WiseHoroscope also revealed to us the horoscope 2021 from January to December. You just have to look for your sign in the list and let the influence of the stars and planets catch you. Ahead!


Dear Aries, unfortunately, you will not start 2021 on the high side when it comes to love. You know very well that the relationship with your partner is very worn out and sooner or later you will have to face the breakup. It will take a while for you to recover, but don’t worry, by the end of the year your heart will be beating again and stronger than ever. If you are single, 2021 will be a year to enjoy and value friendship much more.

When it comes to work, 2021 will bring many new features. A new job will probably knock on your door and make you grow professionally. Take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. You will spend a few months a little overwhelmed, but the experience you will gain will not be taken away from you by anyone.


You will start 2021 with a smile from ear to ear, Taurus friend. Yes, love will smile at you, you will be radiant with your boy and in the second quarter of the year you will take a step further in your relationship. Are you going to live together? Will you get married? Will you have a baby? That will be up to you to find out depending on where you are in your life, but whatever it is, it will make you incredibly happy. If you are single, get ready to open your heart in 2021 because very soon Prince Charming will knock on your door. Yes, yes, your better half is coming!

Everything cannot be rosy and although in the field of love it will be phenomenal, the stars cannot say the same about the workplace. You will go through the odd pothole, fights with your boss, fights with your colleagues, lack of motivation … Just at the end of the year you will have to consider a job change to regain energy and, above all, self-esteem.

And with the family? What does the 2021 horoscope hold for Taurus? Some other obstacle: some illness (nothing serious), some divorce between yours, some other misunderstanding and discussion … Nothing that cannot be solved with a relaxing weekend in a rural house, for example, or on the beach ! And remember this throughout the year: the family will always be there for you, through thick and thin.


2021 will be an ideal year for you to overcome all your insecurities, Gemini. If you want things to go well for you both in love, work and family, you must leave doubts behind and strengthen your self-esteem. How? Do not rule out asking for professional help if you think you really need it (there is nothing wrong and you will not regret it).

In the meantime, you can also try standing in front of the mirror and repeating to yourself how much you are worth or putting post-its all over your house with positive messages. Any exercise that helps you transform your mind will be incredibly beneficial. If you see that at any time of the year stress and anxiety overcome you, you can resort to mindfulness. It is a technique that will help you reconnect with the present and relax.

If you put all these 2021 horoscope tips into practice, without a doubt, you will end the year feeling much happier and more blissful.


Are you ready for a 2021 full of surprises, Cancer friend? Hold on tight and let yourself be surprised by everything this year has in store for you. Although it is true that in the love field your year will not start all right, once you learn to control jealousy and trust your partner 100%, your relationship will be strengthened. If you start 2021 single, prepare to have more than one suitor around you. In the end you will have to let your heart speak and decide on that boy who makes the butterflies in your stomach wake up. Relax, when the time comes you will know!

At work you will be a little clueless and unmotivated at the beginning of the year, but nothing that is not fixed by embarking on the new projects that will appear in your life from April.

And with your family? With your family you will go through the odd ups and downs that, as always, you will know how to manage perfectly. Nobody like you to face obstacles in the best way!


Love is on your side, Leo. 2021 will be your year. A year for passion, for magic, for eroticism, for desire, for romanticism. A year to unleash your feelings and get all those “I love you” that you carry inside. Tell them to your partner, to your friends, to your family … To all the people that you have around you and that you really love! Everything else will come by itself. Take a look at yourself in the mirror from time to time, this year you will look radiant and you will waste happiness on all four sides!

At work? You will have to start the year facing being the new one in the office. A tip from the stars: be yourself. Your joy and freshness will make you fall very, very well and that very soon you will have more than one ally by your side. And yes, we know that it is difficult for you to control your impatience, but if you do this this time, the horoscope 2021 ensures that your boss’s congratulations for a job well done will arrive in the middle of the year.

In the family field you will experience a little of everything: fights, moves, secrets … But the most important of all is that a family member from whom you had distanced and who you missed a lot will return to your life. That’s already more than enough to welcome you into 2021 with a big smile and celebrate! Congratulations, Leo!


They broke your heart, they made you suffer, but they also made you mature, dear Virgo. And this year 2021, life will more than reward you for all those tears that you have shed for love. And he will reward you by turning them into smiles. Does this mean that in 2021 you will fall in love again? It is very probable! So out of fear, let yourself go and enjoy. This time your prince charming won’t turn into a frog!

In the workplace, work will come out of your ears. Your boss trusts you a lot (that’s positive), but little by little he will delegate you endless tasks that you won’t be able to cover. You will have to talk to him to establish priorities. One tip: when you get home, disconnect if you don’t want stress to take its toll on you at the end of the year.


Congratulations Libra, love will smile at you (and a lot) from the beginning of the year 2021. If you have a partner you will be able to relight that flame that had gone out and if you do not have it, a boy will finally appear in your life who will call your attention and that, this time, it will not turn into a frog. It will be totally normal that you have your head in the clouds, but remember to come down from time to time to the ground and be 100% realistic if you don’t want to end up crashing.

Your work field will remain stable, without many changes. Remember not to make big waste or expenses that can affect your economy. The best thing is that you stay cautious and save for what may happen in your future. It’s always nice to keep a mattress, right? Your bank account will appreciate it!


You ended 2020 checking that you don’t like routine at all, so… Why not take advantage of 2021 to change it? Yes, Scorpio friend, if you make certain modifications in your life, the stars can assure you that you will be much happier and more satisfied. And no, this does not mean that in the next few months you have to leave your boy (with whom you will continue to be incredibly happy) or that you have to slam your work door.

We refer to making small changes in the day to day: go have a beer with your friends when you leave work instead of going home, spend a week doing sports, have a monthly detail with your boy (romantic dinner, rural getaway…). In short, spend more time on everything that makes you enjoy and subtract it from obligations. If a week the furniture in your house has a little more dust, nothing happens! And if it takes a little longer to hand over an assignment to your boss, nothing happens either! Free yourself, if you do, at the end of 2021 you will end the year fully satisfied with your life.


2021 will bring changes in the love field for all Sagittarians. Don’t worry, they are all very positive! You will take another step in your relationship and that will keep you incredibly excited. It will be an intense and very busy 12 months, but you will not mind at all because you will live in a real cloud.

And your energy and positivism in the field of love will also be transferred to other areas of your life such as work and family. At work, you will be the envy of all your colleagues for the vitality that you will give off. Creativity and motivation will be on your side and that will make you take up all those projects that you had left a little abandoned.


2021, what a great year for you Capricorn! Someone will come into your life and completely revolutionize it. Remove the barriers that you have put in your heart during all this time and show the whole world that you are not as cold as you appear. Months are coming full of a lot of love.

You will have a loving, attentive, romantic, thoughtful person next to you … What you were looking for, right? Now you just have to let yourself be pampered and enjoy those wonderful first months of your relationship (without a doubt, they are the best).

What will happen to your job in 2021? You should pay special attention to insomnia. Yes, unfortunately, that damn enemy of sleep will reappear in your life and will make you not rest as God intended. The consequences? You will perform less at work. Try to do relaxation exercises or drink an infusion before going to sleep, it will help you!


Are you single? And that? What if people look at you like a freak for it? 2021 will be a year of much personal learning for you, dear Aquarius. You will learn not to take so much into account what the rest tell you and to focus much more on what you want. And you know what? When you get the opinions of others to give you the same, it will be when you begin to be happier and that person you were looking for appears in your life. Yes, your better half is falling. The stars predict that you will meet someone around the middle of the year!