Love horoscope 2021

What sign did you give birth to? Are you a good lover or mistress? Apparently without any connection, the answer to the two questions proves the opposite. Of course, your passion, romance or lust for secret bodily pleasures are influenced by the sign in which you were born.


Aries, born in the spring, are part of a sign of fire, a feature that is imprinted even on intimate moments. Aries is out of focus, loves intensely and, unlike the other signs, he likes the “sudden” sex. The ram is burned inside by a strong fire, it is fiery, but it can be tender and loving at the same time.


Taurus is the opposite of Aries. He deserves to be worshiped ode to the love of life he manifests. He knows how to make the most of sensual pleasures, whether it is the culinary cravings or the consumption of fine drinks, or whether it is a long-lasting hot kiss. Being a sign of the earth, it is a loving nature that shows great patience. It builds the moments of pleasure step by step and it is adorable to see how he lives with joy every moment. So don’t miss the Taurus!


Gemini sign is a sign of the air, which is why they are cheerful, carefree traits that are valid for their sexual life. The representative of this sign may have more girlfriends / lovers, but once he falls in love, he will become the tenderest and most attentive partner on Earth. The moments of tenderness with the partner / partner will always start with slow comforts, first touching, with the tip of the fingers, the neck, the palm of the other … And from here follows the rest of the story … The twins are adorable.


Cancer is waiting for its partner in bed with strong feelings and romantic thoughts. Stable relationships and safety are all for Cancer. He does not have a fantasy too rich, he prefers safe games. The fidelity and sensitivity he shows can give birth to harmony in his couple relationship. For many, sensitive, affectionate and romantic sex is everything. What is understandable …


Flame, noise and vanity are the words that describe Leo. Those whose fate will be held in the arms of a lion will have only pleasures of joy: he will do everything for his partner. For Leo, the pleasure of the other is important, and this makes him feel proud. In the elevator or in a rehearsal booth at the mall or in a French bed, Leo will live as intensely a fast love party as a long, hot night of love … He is a fiery lover who has no shortage of fantasies Erotic. She likes to scream during orgasm.


The virgin has nothing to do with “dirty sex” and will never crave for a love affair in unusual places. But that’s not a problem either. The virgin is driven by deep feelings and prefers an open relationship based on a feeling of equality and partnership. But just with his calculated restraint he will arouse the senses of his partner …


It is the ideal example of a balanced and attentive lover. He is not in a hurry, but he is not slow, even less boring. Libra is the champion of soft touch and sensual comfort. Those who will make love with a Balance will be lucky and happy because he is a master of the prelude and the aftermath. And not only!


Scorpio is, perhaps, the most motivated sign of all, from a sexual point of view. He is passionate and attaches great importance to sex. About sex, he believes it is a game or performance to achieve and, although it is a sign of water, it is an explosive thread that lives intensely. Scorpio women and men are dangerous: they make love so well that they can cause dependency on the partner …


It is the most balanced sign of fire: it is attentive, it has deep feelings and it avoids exaggerations. He is very intelligent and also a first-hand partner in sheets. The flame burns constantly. He has a rich and brilliant fantasy. The pleasure of the partner is the first place. What else could you want more?


For Capricorn, sex is not a priority. Its nature is rather withdrawn and cold. Bed performance is not a primary concern for him. But if Cupid’s arrow touches it, it will open like a flower. He will be enveloped by the fire of passion and will become a kind, cheerful and enthusiastic partner.


Watch out! The Aquarius can be a dangerous lover. He likes to be seduced, he is eccentric and he loves surprises … He does his best, then suddenly he gets bored of everything and immediately we will see how he deals with another “victim” … He always walks with open eyes and can be a wonderful lover. If he wants to …


This water sign is the most affective but also the most vulnerable of all 12 signs. It is the contradictory lover and the one who offers romantic nights. One wrong word can ruin everything at Fish. So pay more attention! Fish can love very deep and are very devoted. They are sensual and emanate a fine erotic air … Hmmm …

For millennia, astrology has been ubiquitous in all cultures of mankind, which has observed the presence of divination in the motion of planets and stars. Astrology, and implicitly the horoscope derived from it, is based on the idea that the macrocosm or celestial realm is a reflection of the earthly world. In other words: “As above, so and below.” The position of the stars and planets on the day of birth affects the personality, the mood, the karma and the purpose of earthly life. If you believe in this philosophy, you probably noticed an interesting, if not really strange, similarity between yourself and the other natives of the same zodiac.

To know yourself better or to understand the opportunities and events that await you in life, you can use an astrological forecast. At the same time, an astrological analysis will give you all the information you and your personality can triumph exactly as it is written in the stars.