March 2021 Monthly Horoscope


March comes with complex energies, which will differentiate the trends of the first half from the second period. The first two weeks are associated with the completion of an annual cycle, with unresolved issues in a timely manner, some related to health. Energy restructuring and lack of strength can cause inflammation of chronic diseases, lack of vitality or lack of enthusiasm.

Natives may feel lethargy, apathy, lack of interest in cooperation and socialization, preferring to retire. It is not excluded that some of them will face envy, gossip, bad people, secret enemies who will attack them from the shadows. Others will be obliged to pay their old debts, to fulfill their obligations imposed by their bosses, although they do not like them at all. All these processes can deprive them of peace of mind and will require strength and attention.

In the second half of the month, the situation will improve somewhat, although unexpected events may force natives to engage more actively in professional affairs and responsibilities. However, they will have a strong intuition, which will help them understand their problems and perceive reality more wisely. Thus, they can resolve conflicts and business disputes and reconcile the warring parties. So it will be a better time for negotiations, important meetings and to meet the demands of the elderly, including parents.


It seems that situations from the past find their solution, and the condition of the natives will improve, they becoming more optimistic and more confident. There may be some problems in personal relationships or small conflicts at work in the first week, but even so, they will feel inspired and ready for any change.

There is a favorable period for love relationships, for new knowledge, for new projects that are fun. Many Taurus will be inclined towards romance, looking for new and vivid impressions. Therefore, I recommend socialization, active participation in organizing entertainment events, holidays, social and public events.

With Venus and Uranus on their sign, the desire to impress can drive style and look, and many will strive to shine through appearance or communication. The same qualities can be useful in creativity, in originality, uniqueness, they can open new directions in art, fashion, design.

Last week, however, they will have to focus on important matters, not expect help from others, and even others may sneak in and not keep their promises of support made another time. At the same time, quarrels, intrigues and envy of enemies can prove to be a hindrance to business and a great source of emotion. The level of vital energy will decrease significantly, so that chronic conditions, fatigue, apathy caused by a busy work schedule could force him to take a break from recovery. Therefore, at the end of the month it is important for the Taurus to focus on themselves, to relax more, to do yoga and self-training.


This month can be very interesting and significant, and the prospects for creative and professional growth can be open. Even if the health sector does not shine, there is a high probability that many natives will show a desire for individual and independent activity, for research studies, for the development of original projects, for scientific discoveries. And in them will be shown in a luminous way exactly the rebellious but unique spirit.

The truth is that they will not show too much obedience, and this could trigger conflicts with others. But even so, the organizational talent of Gemini can be very active, and this will help to advance in their career, in social activities, in the development of creative talents or their own business. They can find reliable partners or sponsors who are willing to invest in their proposals and developments.

Affective relationships, romantic partnerships can be successfully formalized and a great financial gain is possible with the help of the couple. If not, natives can manage loans, other people’s money, inheritances or shared property well. They will be able to discover new life perspectives, expand their circle of acquaintances and lead an active social life. The spring mood will make Gemini more open, charming, fun-loving and romantic hobbies. Many will fight for a dream, for the future, for new ideas and will successfully alternate business meetings and travel.


The first and second decades of March are an important and crucial time for many. Significantly increases energy potential, labor force, strengthens the position in life and authority. The communication will be very interesting, new supporters will appear, support from superiors and partners, which will help the natives in their career, in business.

Many will seek to raise their level of education, learn foreign languages, foreign cultural traditions and travel. Natives will be open to the perception of all that is new and advanced, will be able to better understand not only their main tasks and destinations, but also those around them, and strong intuition will help unlock the key to everyone’s heart.

If at the beginning of the month there may be small difficulties in business and relationships, after March 8 onwards, the communication will be very successful. Cancers will have the opportunity to go on a business or leisure trip, to make new acquaintances who may prove lucky for them. It is a very fruitful period for the realization of talents, for success in creativity and spiritual development.

At the same time, others will be interested in promoting and applying the talents of these natives, therefore the environment, reliable partners will contribute to their success in many respects. This is a good time to organize business meetings, negotiate, sign contracts and start any type of activity.

Last week the energy goes down, and the Cancers will have to stop their efforts. Unfinished business, unfulfilled obligations can create problems in the professional sphere. Relationships with bosses and colleagues can be unstable.


This month, the natives will act with a fairly low level of vital energy, so they will be prone to seasonal viral diseases, as well as emotional imbalance. They will have a lot to do, both literally and figuratively, they will have to take on their own problems, but also the problems of other people, which is why increased tasks can create tension in the nervous system.

They will be more prone to subjective judgments, whims and may violate past agreements regarding their duties. All this can provoke criticism from colleagues, superiors and can undermine their situation.

It is also an inappropriate time for travel, especially abroad or for concluding agreements with foreign partners. However, positive changes can occur in career or social activity.

Some may have the option of a new job, others may participate in a new and promising project, and they may leave behind what they have done so far, which may increase the burden of unfulfilled promises and unfinished business. However, when they regret stagnating in all that is uninteresting and routine, they will look for new, more attractive places where they can better feel their freedom of self-expression.

For the remuneration of previous services, receiving help from old friends or partners, which can be very helpful, will be favorable from March 12-17.

The end of the month comes with changes in both career and personal life.