Mercury Retrograde October 2020

In recent years, the story of Mercury retrograde has exploded and has become a theme “ridden” by the media. It has thus become a new bau-bau and often wears apocalyptic clothing. The recipe is classic: it takes a grain of truth and builds a fantastic story, unreal and with a public eye.

My intention with this article is to shed some light on this topic related to Mercury retrograde.

The retrograde movement is an apparent movement, a kind of optical “illusion”. Looking at the sky it is observed that Mercury would go the other way at certain times of the year. In fact Mercury never changes its direction. The illusion arises due to the fact that both Earth and Mercury rotate around the Sun and not Mercury around the Earth. The retrograde movement is similar to the situation where a car overtakes another car. If you are in the car overtaking and just looking at the car you overtake, you will have the impression that it is going backwards. In reality both cars go in the same direction but with different speeds.

What does Mercury retrograde represent from an astrological point of view?

Astrology is the method by which we, humans, can translate the effects of the passage of time. The outer movements of the heavenly bodies have a correspondent within us, in our mental, emotional, affective structure, etc.

Mercury represents the mental focus we have and describes how we process information and communicate. When it is in direct motion, so it is not retrograde, our focus is oriented outwardly so that our interaction with the environment in which we live is normal. When it is retrograde, our attention shifts inward and less about what happens next to us. This leads to a major change in the way we perceive everything we live. It is as if you just noticed the dust on the bedside table, the dirty windows or the white wires in your head. With retrograde mercury you are much more reflective, more analytical, and stay longer in your mind and your thoughts. By changing the way we process information and being more attentive to the internal environment, we automatically have different reactions. What we were overlooking so far now jumps into our eyes and bothers us much more strongly.

Mercury retrograde does not bring more difficult situations and does not cause more problems! He does not influence the quantity and number of events but the quality, the way we perceive them. Communication errors, transport problems etc. appear constantly. When Mercury is retrograde, there are no more or fewer car, aviation, etc. accidents. What is changing is the way we perceive what is happening to us. When we lose the plane or send a crazy email and Mercury is relegated the experience is much more intense, the effect much stronger. In other words, the number of berries you commit is constant. It’s just that during the Mercury retrograde period you can make them harder or miss you more.

There were also studies related to stock market evolution and Mercury retrograde and no important correlations were identified. On the contrary, the degree of volatility decreased and the degree of predictability increased.

Mercury retrograde occurs 3 or 4 times a year. These moments are actually “post mental” stages. At a interval of several months, at each relegation of Mercury, we have the opportunity to clean up within ourselves, in the way we think and communicate. We should look at this period as one to take stock of how we have evolved, what we have learned, what verbal / mental tics we have learned and obviously what we want to keep going. It’s a mental detox.

For this reason, some activities are favored and others are not. Due to the diminution of our attention abroad, it is advisable not to start new projects, to make important purchases, to pay attention to what we sign and what we communicate. It does NOT mean that there will automatically be complications. But their risk increases. We simply increase our inattention and thus become more exposed to unforeseen situations.

Positive, Mercury retrograde period is ideal to sell, to clean, to renegotiate, to repair, to re-write certain contracts, to understand, to meditate, study, read and learn (especially individual study). A few years after I started taking astrology classes, I noticed that most were taking place on Mercury retrograde. I had not planned this and I had no problems. The job went out every time as it should.

If Mercury retrograde was as toxic as it is claimed when you explain that the world’s most valuable company, Apple was set up at such a time. Or the company General Electric that was one of the top for 100 years (established in 1892). Even the US stock market – NYSE – was also set up on Mercury retrograde. At the country level some might say that retrograde Mercury would be less appropriate. Seriously? Poor countries with Mercury retrograde in the natal chart, which is wrong. I am referring here to the United States (July 4, 1776), China (October 1, 1949) or the entity called the European Union (November 1, 1993).