Pet Astrology 2021: what 2021 will be like for your dog

In November, Mercury and Venus will move from the Sign of Libra to the Sign of Scorpio and many of our four-legged friends, both puppies and elderly, will tend to isolate themselves and spend more time in their kennels, in the warmth and sheltered from the wind. or from the rain of the terraces.

Mars in Aries will always keep the spirit of adventure high for dogs that belong to a Fire Sign. Others may feel a sense of slight exhaustion instead.

The Water Signs will be particularly eager to cuddle in the second half of the month.


– The first half of the month, with Venus and Mercury in Libra, will make you very grumpy and unpleasant with both your dog friends and your owners. With Mars by your side, it will be difficult not to hear yourself barking whenever someone dares to approach your spaces inside the house. It would take a new love and it could come towards the end of the month.


– After discovering that a little dog with green fur was born, you would like to meet a similar one during one of your long walks in the park. In the second half of the month, however, with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio they will make you particularly temperamental and you could be put in detention. Mars doesn’t make you feel great.


– Mercury and Venus in Libra in the first part of the month will make you the friendliest and most sociable little dog in the neighborhood you live in. For your owners it will be a great joy to see you wagging your tail every time they come home from work and reward you with really tasty gourmet croquettes. Rest towards the end of the month.


– With Mars in Aries for the whole month, it is not easy for you to stay calm and good in a corner of the house, especially if it is a long time since you have received the attention and pampering you deserve. Sadness is destined to vanish in the second half of the month: the passage of Venus and Mercury in Scorpio will make your owners sweet and very affectionate.


– With Mercury and Venus in Libra, the first part of the month promises to be very busy and you will do everything to increase the number of daily walks. You need to meet other furry puppies of your kind to feel happy. The second half of the month will be less fun than the first and you will be forced to stay indoors often.


Some will be very surprised to discover that you are a very greedy little dog. In the first part of the month your bowls will empty very quickly. With the entry of Venus and Mercury into Scorpio, however, you will return to being selective and meticulous in the choice of treats. You don’t like poor quality ones being bought.


Although Mars in opposition makes you less energetic than usual, with Venus and Mercury in your Sign you will be lively and sociable. Everyone in the neighborhood will notice you for your poise and elegance. Your mission is to win over the neighbors’ dog, which unfortunately doesn’t go out that often. You don’t like staying indoors.


The second part of the month will be much more fun for you than the first and finally your owners will decide to take you for a walk more frequently. Thanks to you, in fact, they could make new interesting acquaintances and end up looking for all the attention in you that they do not find from other strange and very complicated human beings.


Mars in Aries will make you live a month of fun and joy. Inside the house where you live you will often breathe a festive air and you will be granted more pampering and more walks in the company of the family’s children. You would love to have the gift of speaking to tell someone how much you love them, but you’ll just have to jump around.


The first part of the month, with Mercury and Venus in Libra, will be particularly heavy and you will often find yourself alone at home, with no one to play with or to get angry at to vent your excess energy. If you want to avoid being scolded, don’t nibble on sofas and slippers. The second half of the month will be more peaceful and relaxing.


Planets in Libra will make you start the month with great joy and cheer. Walks in the parks will turn into fantastic adventures and you can experience new stunts to surprise passers-by. With the entry of Venus and Mercury into Scorpio, however, something will change in your daily routine and there will be an opportunity to growl.


Venus in Libra in the first part of the month will make you miss a person who used to frequent your house and you wonder what happened to it. With Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, in the second half of the month, new friends will come and win you over with their sweet cuddles. Wagging your tail is a sign of great affection for you.