Sagittarius woman horoscope in 2020

The Sagittarius woman is full of charm, has a sense of humor that is hard to match and is also a warrior. His optimism and inner strength often help him overcome difficult obstacles in life.

Sagittarius woman: intelligent, confident, optimistic

If you were lucky enough to meet a Sagittarius woman, you already know that she has a copious and plaintive laugh, that she likes to look at the full side of the glass and does not go far when it comes to the difficult challenges of life. Yes, he is a fighter, an optimistic man who seems to have a huge bag of inexhaustible resources, being so resistant to stress and with excellent emotional management.

She is a coworker and a sincere friend, from whom you can find an uncompromising opinion, said so simply that sometimes the truth of her words can be disturbing or even annoying. But if you’re really looking for an honest answer, ask a Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius woman features

She is also a true friend. You do not have to call yourself daily in order for friendship to last in time, Sagittarius Woman puts above human and ethical values ​​and lives with you if you do not betray her or lie to her. She is selfless and will give you a helping hand when you need it.

Above all, the Sagittarius Woman does not accept gossip or hypocrisy. This is why, behind this powerful and optimistic nature, there is a very sensitive, playful, childish side. The Sagittarius woman can be easily fooled if you have gained her confidence, because she does not know the hypocrisy and is not accustomed to lying. Everything is clear, transparent, said exactly when it should, and things and situations have a real dimension to it, without trying to change reality. He is not the man who tells you it will be good, but he is the man who supports you to fight for your desires and to believe that there is good after evil, staying close to you and helping you as best you can.

Sagittarius woman: a passionate lover

The soul mate of the Sagittarius woman is an energetic, empathetic and sincere person, curious, who likes to experiment, to travel and especially to joke. She needs a man to support her in achieving her ideals, to be cheerful and unpredictable, to surprise her and to accompany her in her activities, such as travel, hiking, maybe even work in nature, because if she has a yard, the Sagittarius woman will certainly cultivate and care for her. And if he doesn’t have a yard, he’ll find a corner of his house to grow plants and even spices.

If you managed to conquer it, the Sagittarius woman will give you a tumultuous life, far from monotony. You will laugh a lot, you will discover many things and places with her, you will learn to truly fight for what you want and she will support you in the processes that help you to be, to discover yourself and to develop constantly around her. In bed she is playful, she likes to experiment, but nonetheless she is more sentimental than focused on sex. However, it remains a romantic thread first and foremost

Sagittarius woman: a tolerant mother, to whom you can tell any secret

The Sagittarius woman is a mother who gives the child freedom, so that she can gain independence from an early age, but at the same time this freedom comes with the responsibility. As a child, the woman of the Sagittarius child receives tasks that fall within her responsibility, teaching her what is ethical and fair. The Sagittarius woman is a mother to whom you can tell everything, she is empathetic and at the same time so optimistic that you will surely find solutions if you talk to her. She is also very caring, but she lets her child choose for him, not before being informed enough about the possible consequences of his choices.

He educates his children carefully and patiently, he is not rude and does not like the punishments. Although sometimes it may be stricter, because one has to impose some rules, yet the children will know that they will find honest answers to it, they will find the truth difficult to say and they will remain safe. Where do you put the fact that the Sagittarius woman does excellent cooking and only prepares goodies for her family.