The inner demons of each zodiac sign in 2020

Each individual, each human being is a whole made up of other component parts. First of all, we do not have a single body but many more: the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, etc. Each body in turn is a structure that groups other components. The physical body is composed of different organs and these in turn contain cellular structures. The emotional body is also made up of all the emotions and feelings. The mental body includes all thoughts and mental structures.

I associate the man with a zoo. We all have an entire Zoo inside, with different animals that manifest themselves independently as well as each one in relation to each other. The way we manage this Zoo makes the difference between a happy life or a less happy one. Each of us has a predilection for a particular animal in this garden and seeks to identify with it. Some prefer Leo, others Snakes and many as seen on TV adore Păunii. Each animal in this Zoo represents a certain QUALITY or ESSENCE that characterizes and shapes our personality.

At the same time, there are certain animals that we cannot support. We are afraid of them. We get to “demonize” them. The demonization process means denying everything that is not part of one’s philosophy and vision. Any emotion, any idea that does not boast about your value system becomes to be regarded as the public enemy number 1. Demonization means denying a QUALITY and blocking it in its own personality. This generates Fear.

Each zodiac sign represents a fundamental QUALITY that defines us. We are all built on the 12 zodiac signs or ESSENCES, fundamental qualities. The sign in which we were born or the position of the Sun at birth indicates the fundamental QUALITY that defines our personality. When one says that it is Balance, it means that all the characteristics indicated by the ESSENCE of the Balance become predominant characteristics of his personality. But the person has in his structure the other 11 zodiac signs or energy patterns. It’s just that they designate different bodies and parts of us.

Each zodiac sign has by definition a series of demonized attributes. These attributes represent the inner demons or those parts of us with which we must constantly fight. The moment we give in to them we practically give in to the fear they represent and at that moment we lose. The fight is to defeat those fears, to demonize those parts of us.

In this fight there are only two options: either you defeat or you lose. The truce is only temporary and often represents the time when the inner demon regains its strength. You have the impression that the armistice or peace of the moment is for you. The demon feeds on your energy and power. When you rest, he also rests. When you eat, he also eats.

Let’s see who are these inner demons of each zodiac sign.


Fear is your strongest inner demon. Every time a fear lies at the base of your actions, a fear will become aggressive and you will end up losing. Fear in your case can be defined by the fear that others are better, stronger than you and will defeat you. When you think and feel that way, fear has seized you. Seek to see opportunities around you and not threats or dangers. Courage is the most valuable quality of Aries. The fear of failure, of being defeated by others makes you manifest the dark side of Aries: aggression, violence, haste, etc. Cultivate your courage and don’t let fear control you!


Lack of measure or lack of sound principles can be defined as your inner demon. When you think you can have everything and whatever you start to lose. The lack of measure makes you possessive and hungry all the time. You want more and more. And no matter how much you have, it still doesn’t happen to you. Here we talk about material things (money, food, goods, etc.) as well as non-material aspects (affection, attention, etc.). The lack of principles can make you act without regard to others and their needs. When you are under the control of the inner demon you forget about yourself, your needs and the needs of your body. Define your limits in everything you do starting with needs and not desires.


Ambition and stubbornness characterize your inner demon. The nature of your being is to experience life and to “play” yourself. When you become stubborn and become very ambitious in order to gain power you will lose. The inner demon transforms you from the lively and cheerful person into a cold and harsh one. Curiosity is one of your qualities. It allows you to constantly want to discover the world. Ambition and stubbornness make you use your curiosity only for less noble purposes. Duality becomes a lie and curiosity is only a way to find out the secrets of others. When you want power, when you want control, you are under the influence of your inner demon.


Nonconformism and the need to disregard the rules characterize your inner demon. You, by the nature of your being, need to receive and offer protection. Internal security is very important to you. The moment you want to be noticed and become otherwise, more nonconformist, at that moment you are under the influence of the inner demon and you risk losing. At that moment you will seek to change the rules and order that gives you safety. You will wake up in a world you cannot support, in which you cannot find yourself. Aggression is an aspect of Cancer in imbalance that you will manifest when the demon is in power. Everything you do cultivates a sense of security and protection. Avoid getting pulled over by others and changing the rules of the game for no clear reason.


Blind confidence, projections and dreaming characterize your inner demon. Your inner nature gives you a lot of confidence and courage in life. It is precisely this self-confidence that makes you blindly trust others or the way life evolves. You have such confidence in yourself that you think you can cope with whatever your life throws at you. You dream with your eyes open to the extraordinary things that you can live that you are not paying attention to what is actually happening. When your inner demon controls you, you have the impression that everything is right for you and that it is enough just to ask or want you. At that moment you are blind, you dream with your eyes open and you end up losing. Learn to question all the projections you make, everything you dream of, and think it will happen. To you, the demon is perhaps the most colorful and beautiful. But also the most dangerous and difficult to detect.


Hastiness, self-centeredness and aggressiveness characterize your inner demon. Your inner nature seeks the order, the structure and the things placed. When you are in a hurry, when you do things in speed you come under the dominion of this demon and you have very high chances of losing. You need to avoid doing things quickly and get pushed from the back by others, who want things to evolve much faster. Do things at your own pace and never force the note. Avoid becoming aggressive and focus only on your needs. Making things work is one of your fundamental qualities. This means not letting the ego take over you because then you will make things work just the way you want. And usually they go wrong and you lose.