The Most Envious Signs in 2021

Your happiness brings them unhappiness and vice versa. They are quite negative and fail to see themselves in a favorable light, which prevents them from accepting the success of those around them. Their thinking sounds something like this: if I can’t, others shouldn’t either. Find out which are the most envious signs, led by Scorpio.

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The most envious signs

The fact that envy is an unhealthy feeling, which first poisons the one who makes room in his soul, cannot be disputed by anyone, much less by those who feel it. The thing with envy is that no one wants to admit that it harbors such feelings, especially because it’s not the kind of thing to be proud of. Envy is overwhelming, suffocating and most of the time makes you doubt yourself and your own strengths, so that later you feel miserable and fall into disfavor. The situation becomes even sadder when the “object” of envy is a person close to you.

Books could be written about envy, and we must admit that we have all been slaves to envy at some point in our lives. The stars say that some of us are more inclined to be envious, so we thought of presenting you today the top of the most envious signs.

They will tell you that they wish you all the best in the world, but in reality, these are just empty words. Most of them are waiting for you to fail and feed on your unhappiness.

He would never enjoy your success

There are many people who look with jing and jealousy in the “yard” of the neighbor, and, according to the stars, the most envious zodiac signs are the following:

Scorpio, the “supreme weird”

Scorpio is, without a doubt, the most envious sign in the zodiac, his consciousness fading when others receive more than him. These natives are able to do anything to do themselves “justice” without caring about the feelings of those around them. They choose to spend their time in the company of those who are ready to satisfy their whims and whims, quickly putting aside those who are stronger than them, so as not to feel overshadowed. Scorpios always want to be in the first place, and failures create their uncontrollable nervousness and hatred.

Gemini, parsimonious zodiac

The natives of this sign know their interests very well and know how to get what they want, being masters in the art of persuasion. The downside is that they can easily become envious of those in a better situation than their own, being able to step on others on their way to success. Gemini can be very lazy, so you better not underestimate them.

The balance is silent and done

Libra seems to have a real problem with the happiness of others, especially if he secretly wants things he doesn’t have. However, even when it cracks in spite, these natives will display a calm and quiet image. Libra behaves nicely with those around them, especially when they have something to gain and are doing well. The envy of these natives is easy to arouse, giving the hour of death if someone makes them feel inferior. The representatives of this sign choose to judge the others, looking for a knot in almost everything.

Virgo, the surprise of the horoscope

This strologue is one of the most prone to fall into the trap of the horrible feeling called envy, despite the fact that he has a noble soul and no one can dispute his kindness. Virgos envy people for their physical appearance, health, relationships or wealth, and cannot be truly happy because of their lack of self-confidence and accumulated frustration.

Aquarius, selfish and quite envious

You may not expect this, but Aquarius is mean, selfish, and quite jealous. They are also in the category of zodiac signs that do not accept to lose easily and do not appreciate the efforts of others. The fact that they are extremely competitive prevents the natives of this sign from not having too many friends among their co-workers, always wanting to stand out. As a piece of advice, you need to be careful in the company of these people and not get overwhelmed by their words.