The strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign in 2021

Each zodiac sign has qualities that make it unique. It is a special energy that characterizes each sign, there are some strengths and special abilities that can always be used.

ARIES – Competitiveness

Without goals and competition, there is no life!

Here we are talking about energy. Aries has an inexhaustible energy, is passionate, full of life, always focused on initiating something.

Passionately, he can’t bear to let things launch, just as he doesn’t let anything be monotonous for long periods.

It is also competitive and sets goals that are difficult to achieve. Always 10 steps ahead of others, he does everything to succeed, he does not accept failure, so he will strive to offer the best he can for whatever he sets out to do.

TAURUS – Tenacity

Better slow, but sure!

Taurus has tenacity as a strong point. Perseverance and steadfastness. He does not back down, he cannot be moved from his place and he never stops, even if he has a slower rhythm.

He doesn’t approach important decisions impulsively, he doesn’t throw himself into a battle from the first second and he doesn’t, in fact, get involved in anything, until he takes safety measures.

Prudence may make him move slower than others, but he has the quality of making things last and consolidating whatever he creates.

GEMINI – Curiosity

Information is power!

The most curious. Thus, he always learns and gathers information from all kinds of fields. The twins are always willing to change, to move, to adapt. They have an extraordinary mental mobility, they can move quickly from one situation to another, from one subject to another and even from one relationship to another. The twins are always willing to flirt, communicate, share, discuss various seemingly insignificant topics. They need suitable interlocutors, but once they find them they can be charming.

The twins are also very agile, they find solutions quickly, they are always curious, they bring new elements in any space, relationship, project. The twins are lively and playful, always moving and always learning something.

CANCER – Loyalty

Better safe than bad!

Cancer is loyal, honest and steadfast. He loves to love, to take care of, to protect those he loves and cherishes. In his relationships, he knows how to be connected to the other, to feel his needs, to understand them and even to anticipate them.

One Cancer has the quality of protecting and caring, of always being there when the other needs it. He feels the need for protection and always takes action or studies the terrain before reaching somewhere or starting something.

LEO – Shine

Life and the scene!

The lion, wherever it appears, attracts attention and is easily admired, but also envied. Distinguished and distinguished, he behaves as if life is a scene and he received the lead role. He has confidence in himself, his self-esteem is generally increased and this makes him easily get what he wants, sometimes as if he deserves it.

Generous, often of unparalleled nobility, he offers much, is always there as a source of inspiration for others and is the most feared advocate of the loved one and loved ones.

VIRGO – The capacity for synthesis

There is always something to repair, correct or improve!

One of the most valuable qualities is the ability to synthesize. Virgo can extract and reproduce the essential from a mass of information, data and knowledge.

Virgo will always strive to improve, not only her life but everyone’s. When she does not exaggerate with this and does not become out of the way, Virgo is a treasure in anyone’s home and in any relationship, of any nature.

Because she is always the one who is looking, she knows what is needed, she has the perfect method in any situation. And he is the best counselor one can have and one of the most devoted partners.

LIBRA – Diplomacy

May there be peace in the world!

Libra beautifies everything, always tries to beautify things, to give them a peaceful note and easier to accept, even when it comes to a problem or a conflict.

Libra is the one who always tries to balance things. She will do her best to make the other person well, satisfied and happy, so in one way or another she will make things work in her relationship.

She wants harmony at all costs and she wants nothing ugly, vulgar, conflictual in her life and relationships.

SCORPIO – Passion

All or nothing!

Scorpio is capable of a depth and intensity like no other sign. When he gets involved in something, whether it’s a relationship or a project, he does it to the end and leaves no territory unexplored.

The relationship, collaboration or communication with a Scorpio is not always comfortable, because you will have to face many emotions experienced at high intensity. But you can be sure that he will give me everything that is most valuable and best in him.

SAGITTARIUS – Spirit of adventure

Without knowledge and adventure, there is no life!

Sagittarius is born for love, independence and travel. He wants to live life as a continuous exploration, learning and evolution. Knowledge is infinite, so he always has something to learn and understand about himself, about life.

You will always find something good to see in any situation and in any person. This is a gift, although it is seen by some as a weakness and a proof of naivety. Sagittarius contributes to relationships with this optimism, the desire to explore and openness. A relationship with a Sagittarius cannot be boring.

CAPRICORN – Seriousness

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Capricorn is organized, severe with himself, always has high expectations first of all from him and only then from others. He thinks strategically and has long-term goals to accomplish.

He moves forward, even when he seems to be standing still. He resists even in the most difficult conditions and does not give up his goals.

Take everything seriously, be responsible and disciplined.

He likes durable and quality things. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

AQUARIUS – Originality

Better weird than in the herd …

Aquarius thinks and does things his way, has a certain “strangeness”, seeks to be always original and thus is an incentive, but also a provocative factor for all those with whom he interacts: sometimes fascinating, sometimes irritating, but can never be treated with indifference.

Aquarius does not let things launch, always seeks to move to another level of understanding and consciousness. He always wants to find out and invent something.

Aquarius also creates a kind of fascination in those around him, including his life partner, due to his intelligence, despite the deficit with which he comes into relationships, from an emotional point of view.

PISCES – Tolerance

Anyone deserves a second chance …

Pisces have a compassionate nature to the point of sacrifice, they are among the most tolerant of the whole zodiac, in the sense that they always give chances, they overcome the mistakes of others, sometimes tolerating more and more serious abuses …

But fish tend to put the other person’s needs above their own, and this, over time, can erode his respect.

However, sensitivity, devotion, empathy and the ability to understand and accept everyone are qualities that make them creative and always in affinity with the spiritual side of life.