Unlucky Zodiac Signs in the year 2021

The astrological influence is felt every new month, so the natives must pay attention to family, money, but especially health. The year 2021 was also on the astral plane an extremely turbulent one, so that many signs went through moments that completely changed their lives. Next, we invite you to discover what the stars have prepared for you for 2021.

2021 comes with a suite of astral aspects and changes in the direction of transit, and the most important astral configuration of the moon, certainly, the conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto in Capricorn, whose effects we will feel for a long time now goals.

Signs of luck and bad luck in 2021

It is time to assimilate new lessons. What happens to the zodiac signs in 2021? How does the movement of the planets and stars influence us in love, money, career and especially health? Find out the full predictions right now, depending on your zodiac sign.


2021 comes with many changes for the natives of this sign, and many of them do not seem, initially, favorable. However, even if it seems to you that all plans are going on Saturday’s Water, keep in mind that it is still bad for good.


The professional skills of Taurus natives will be thoroughly tested in November. In terms of health, things are like a book, and on a sentimental level you will feel a tendency towards romance. In the last days of the month you will be able to solve a problem that gave you big headaches.


The year 2021 is a month of play and creativity, in which those born under this zodiac sign will be concerned with the way the space in which they spend a good part of their time looks: the house. Thus, they will start redecorating and will pay more attention to details. Geminis will also reflect on their recent mental state.


Next year is a time of visits and major changes in the home. At the same time, the natives of the Cancer sign will try to solve the problems that appeared in the family, and in their rather crowded program their mental activities also take place.


The natives of this sign are increasingly expanding their plans for the future and are trying hard to capture the attention of those in 2021. In fact, their creativity will be put to the test in the coming period.


Virgos have an innate talent for making money, and the last month of autumn comes only as a confirmation of something that was already known. For these natives there are more and more financial opportunities, but also the trap of large, unjustified expenses. The stars urge you to calculate your every move well.


The scales start 2021 with an overflowing energy, being ready to overcome any obstacle that may arise in their way. It is good to be prepared because professional and sentimental news can appear.


Scorpios will be put to the test in 2021, as they feel like a volcano is ready to erupt at any moment. As if that wasn’t enough, by the end of the month there will be some problems in the family. However, there is the possibility of having a secret admirer, which will take you by surprise.


The period ahead is a good time for team projects and time spent in the company of friends. The natives of this sign will channel all their energy in these two directions in 2021.


Capricorns will have a year to honor, because they will receive some generous rewards. Professionally, a seed with good fruit appears, and those around you will finally see what you are capable of. Romance will also be knocking on your door next month.


The natives of this sign will follow some interesting courses in 2021 and will also enjoy some trips. They also feel the need for something new and attractive to recharge their batteries.


Those in the tail of the zodiac will have a month in which they will be led by the spiritual side. Pisces natives will try to connect with the astral energies and carefully analyze their inner feelings. A piece of advice for them would be to stay a little further away from those around them in 2021.