Your monthly horoscope for July 2020

The important astrological aspects of the month of July are the New Moon from July 2, which is formed by the Cancer sign, which is accompanied by a total Eclipse of the Sun, and the Full Moon, which is formed by the partial Eclipse, on July 17. of the Moon. These astrological phenomena that mark the month of Oven bring unexpected upheavals, implicitly new beginnings for each zodiac, depending on the astrological sector in which it is formed.

The sun, the energy, will pass the Cancer sign until July 23, when it will enter the Leo sign. Venus, the planet of love, harmony and small benefits, will leave the Gemini sign on July 3 to stop at the Cancer sign that will transit until July 28. Mercury, the planet of communication, reason, transactions and negotiations, will pass the Leo sign until July 8, at which point it will begin to downgrade until it returns to the Cancer sign, on July 19. Mars, the planet of action, determination and war, will end its transit through the Cancer sign on July 2 and will enter into the Leo sign.

July 2019 will be a very difficult and shocking time for all the zodiacs, as they are now relegating a multitude of planets. Saturn retrograde in the sign Capricorn zodiac sign and Pluto retrograde in the sign Capricorn. In addition, Jupiter is downgrading to the sign Sagittarius, and Neptune has just begun its downgrade into the Pisces sign. Well, to these relegations, in July 2019, Mercury will join them, which will retrograde in two signs, both in Leo and Cancer.


Those born in the zodiac sign will be very psychologically solicited in the professional direction. The natives will have to make some decisions (possibly imposed by a context), but there are still dissatisfactions that can lead to the change of the workplace. Maybe it would be better to now consider any new opportunities and make a decision after this period. In addition, it will be almost impossible for them to find a balance between work and family and from here all kinds of tension can be born in both directions.

Those born in the Aries sign have a very intense and fiery month in the sentimental chapter. Long-lasting, well-welded couples will discuss marriage (marriage applications are possible now), and those who are alone will have an uncommon enthusiasm that will guide them toward adventure, flirtation and conquest, but also new stories. of love. However, with the relegation of Mercury precisely in the sentimental sector, much attention is required to dialogue. Natives tend to be impulsive and stubborn, and if they want to overcome this period well, then they will have to be calm and wise.

Mercury governs the health sector of those born in the Aries zodiac and it is possible that with his relapse, due to inhibited emotions, repressed some inconvenience may occur. They are advised to begin a process of reassessment of the general state of health.

From a financial point of view, it is by far not a favorable month for those born in the zodiac Aries. First of all, the natives will be tempted to spend a lot, especially for fun, and secondly, it is possible to encounter some obstacles in recovering some money.


Those born in the Taurus sign go through a search phase. Natives are looking for the professional meaning to go to in the future and it will be harder for those who already have a career, a job and who can not give up too easily. It is possible that Taurians feel the need for personal and, implicitly, professional redefinition. Major and radical decisions in this segment of life are not recommended.

For those born in the Taurus sign July will be quite sensitive to the sentimental chapter. Mercury is the planet that governs the sentimental house, therefore, with the relegation he sees, conflicts arise in the couple, jealousy, tension and a series of secrets can surface. Natives are required to turn their attention to their own feelings and to re-analyze them. Perhaps with some of these they no longer resonate and go from inertia into a relationship. On the other hand, it is not excluded that the natives alone give birth to true passions this month, but we see that all extinguish with the same rapidity with which they lit.

From a financial point of view, those born in Taurus may have some unforeseen expenses that destabilize their income. They are advised to be very careful in managing resources and as far as possible to make savings.


Din punct de vedere profesional, cei născuți în zodia Gemeni sunt sfătuiți să fie răbdători și să nu caute minuni în această perioadă. Este posibil ca mânați de instinctele financiare și dorindu-și să câștige mai mult să fie tentați să facă schimbări de job, însă nu sunt indicate în această lună când guvernatorul lor, Mercur, retrogradează. Atenție! Pot ieși în pierdere la negocierea unor contracte!

Cei născuți în zodia Gemeni vor atinge extremele în această lună. Cei căsătoriți sau aflați în relații de lungă durată, stabile, vor simți acut nevoia de libertate și independență, iar cei singuri vor căuta flirtul, aventura, motiv pentru care viața sexuală va fi una dinamică, mai cu seamă va fi centrul de interes al perioadei. Acesta spect poate favoriza infidelitatea, prin urmare se recomandă mai multă prudență în decizii, mai multă rațiune ca niciodată.

Se anunță o perioadă destul de tensionată, prin urmare nu este exclus ca o serie de afecțiuni, mai ales cele cronice, să-și facă simțită prezența. Se recomandă odihnă, alimentație sănătoasă și evitarea stresului. Atenție la deplasări! Există risc de accidente și accidentări!

Cei născuți în zodia Gemeni au parte de retrogradarea lui Mercur, întocmai planeta lor guvernatoare, într-o zonă financiară, prin urmare se cere prudență în cheltuieli. Este posibil ca nativii să facă o reevaluare a situației financiare, a banilor deținuți împreună cu alții, a unei moșteniri și să caute alte soluții decât cele găsite până acum. Atenție în preajma eclipsei de Soare când se pot pierde sume de bani. Nativii trebuie să evite investițiile riscante.


Those born in the Cancer sign who have personal affairs or in collaboration with other partners, associates, are advised to be very attentive to the steps they take during this period, to what they sign, what acts they agree to not be fooled, deceived. It is not preferable for natives to change their jobs now, but it is advisable to re-analyze their professional goals and aspirations.

Those born in the Cancer sign have a personal impact. If the eclipse of the Sun can upset solid principles about life, including couple life, the eclipse of the Moon will bring them absolutely unexpected and unforeseen situations related to partnerships, and here the most enduring will have those who are married or have solid relationships. and long lasting. Our advice is to be cautious, calm and open towards the dialogue and to solve the problems arising in the sentimental plane. Not even the native ones have much chance to meet their soul mate this month. It would be preferable to redefine the values ​​that are then guided in choosing the life partner.

Those born in the Cancer sign are advised to withdraw from the turmoil of daily life, to take a moment to rest, but also to re-analyze and reinvent themselves. The natives feel the need for rest and tranquility. It is possible to face symptoms of older disorders that they did not treat at the time or treated them inappropriately, superficially.

Those born in the Cancer sign are favored by Mars to make money and improve their financial situation. Natives can work harder, make more effort to reach their goal, but the pay will be tailor-made. Attention to negotiations, investments and transactions in Mercury’s downgrade period.