Zodiac Signs that do not Forgive You in Any Form

Top five signs that do not forgive in any way. Who to watch out for. They are vindictive and will remember you all your life, for all the things you did wrong.


The virgin is balanced, well, with her feet on the ground. It doesn’t say much. He prefers facts, not words. If you stepped on the tail, it will remember you for the rest of your life. It won’t hurt you, but it will gracefully ignore you.

You don’t want to upset a Virgo native, because once he’s taken you out of his life, you have no chance of coming back. Virgos don’t believe in a second chance.


Did you get a Taurus wrong? Prepare your soul, then, because this native will never forgive you. Not only will he not forget the mistakes you made. He will take revenge on you at the first opportunity. If he fails to pay you the same coin, Taurus will reproach you, every time you see each other.

Taurus does not forgive or forget. It is said that revenge is the weapon of the fool, but the Taurus native is too proud to step on it. If he can, he will do the same thing you did to him, to see how he feels.


Cancers are by far the most selective when it comes to forming their entourage. They are very pretentious with the people around them. If you hurt a Cancer native, it depends on the degree of relationship you have.

If it’s a stranger, Cancer doesn’t care, because he will treat you with indifference. If a close friend betrays a Cancer, the native will never forgive him. Cancers can get away with people very easily, because for them the disappointment hurts the most.


Scorpios are very skeptical when it comes to friends and friendships. One thing is certain, whoever betrays a Scorpio will bitterly regret it. They are vengeful natives, who would be capable of anything, just to make you pay.

It is not for nothing that the women of this sign are called “scorpions”. They are fierce in anger and do not forgive you in any way if you lied or betrayed them.


It’s no surprise that Aquarius is in this top. Cold and calculated, Aquarius is introverted and sarcastic, by nature. They don’t talk to anyone, and if you’ve got them wrong, make sure you’re dead to them.

They will not forgive you, nor will they ever notice you again. The natives of this sign do not look back once they have set out on a certain path. They are also able to give up family members if their relatives betray them.